My Acceptance Speech for the EDNA RYAN Award – May 12 2006

I am honoured and privileged to receive the award for Services to Women in Government tonight. It is an award which acknowledges the lifetime work of a very great lady , Edna Ryan.

I have served for almost 15 years in the “boys club of local politics.” And have served 2 Councils , Rockdale City Council and Kogarah. It has been a challenging time. I have survived, but not without developing a thick hide , a sense of humour, and a long list of Letters to the Editor- you guessed it I am well known in my local area.

I have had many mentors over the years; some male, but more female . And I have done what I teach my High school students to do- to learn from others.

In particular, I wish to acknowledge my almost 92 year old father who encouraged me to enter politics and have a go. He is still very much on the ball when it comes to political matters and is keen to know what is going on in Council.I wish to thank my nominators ,Jeanine and Lisa for acknowledging my hard work in so many areas in the local community.

I intend to use my award to promote more women into Local Government and women as carers in the community , a role I now find myself in as the carer for my elderly Dad. I thank you again for this prestigious award tonight.

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