Anne Field Parliament House St George GHS Jemma Burrows


BA, Dip Ed, Dip Urban Studies, JP


1985                               Member of International Youth Year Committee, Kogarah Council.

1985-1986                   Member of Kogarah Council Bicentennial Committee.

December 1985        Appointed to the Board of St George Hospital, Kogarah.

December 1986        Appointed Treasurer of St George Area Health Service. Left the Area Health                                                      Service Board in mid 1988.

October 1988             Joined the Rockdale Community Mobile Nursing Service Board, as a community                                             representative.

November 1989        Joined the Rotary Club of Rockdale as their first female member. (I had been                                                   invited as a guest speaker in July 1989 to address the Club about the RCMNS).

1991-1995Councillor at Rockdale Council – Representing Third Ward


First Council Term

Member of the following Committees or a Council delegate to the Committees:

  • Community and Environment Committee (Chairperson – 1992-1993)
  • Heritage Advisory Committee member since 1992 (Chairperson – 1995)
  • Access Committee (Chairperson – 1994–1995)
  • Rockdale Community Mobile Nursing Service (1991-1995)
  • Board Member of the Business Enterprise Centre, St George and Sutherland Shire Ltd (1992-1995)
  • Regional Library Steering Committee (1993-1995)
  • Sydney Coastal Councils (1991-1995)
  • Member of Kyeemagh Infants School Council (1993-1995)

25 June 1991              Inducted as President of Rotary Club of Rockdale; the first female to be President of a Rotary Club in Sydney.

14 September 1991    Candidate for Third Ward, Rockdale Council – 11 candidates.

November 1992          A semi-finalist in the Local Government Section of Avon Inaugural “Spirit of                                                    Achievement Awards”, an Australia-wide competition.

1992-1993                      Chairperson of Community and Environment Committee, Rockdale Council.

1993-1995                      Worked on a Rockdale Council initiative – a like between Council and local                                                       schools on a History/Environment/Local Government Kit. Launched in Local                                                 Government Week, 20 June 1995. A first for a Council in NSW to have published                                             a School Kit. The Kit was the product of a Committee of the Public Relations                                                     Officer, local teachers and Council staff.

1993 to date                  Elected Chairperson of Ethnic Forum, at its first meeting in June 1993.

July 1993 to date        Started research on my History of Moorefield Racecourse, Kogarah, 1888-1951                                                 circa. A draft is being written for publication.

 27 October 1993         Co-authored a report with a Kogarah resident, Ms Vivi Catalano, on Child Care                                               in the Rockdale Municipality. This Report was tabled to Council on 27/10/93.

9 November 1994 to date    Elected Chairperson of Access Committee.

May 1995 to date         Elected Chairperson of Heritage Advisory Committee.

9 September 1995      Local Government Elections – 12 candidates. Re-elected to represent Third                                                       Ward at Rockdale Council.

1995-1999Councillor at Rockdale Council representing Third Ward


Second Council Term

Member of the following Committees or a Council delegate to the Committees:

  • Community and Environment Committee (Chairperson – 1995-1996)
  • Heritage Advisory Committee (Chairperson – 1995-1999)
  • Access Committee (Chairperson – 1994-1999)
  • SSROC Access Committee (Chairperson 1996-1999)
  • Ethnic Community Advisory Committee (Chairperson 1993-1998) Member to 1999
  • Regional Library Steering Committee (1995-1996)
  • Sydney Coastal Councils (1995-1999)
  • Lydham Hall Local Committee (Secretary – 1995-1997)
  • Lydham Hall Management Committee Chair (1997-1999)
  • Rockdale Community Mobile Nursing Service (1995-1996)
  • Kyeemagh Infants School Council (1995-1999)
  • Georges River Catchment Management Committee (until mid 1997)
  • 125th Anniversary Committee (Chairperson – 1996)
  • Library Sub-Committee (Chairperson – 1996-1997). Member until 1999
  • SSROC Heritage Forum (Chairperson – 1997-1998). Member until 1999
  • Red Cross Committee (Chairperson – 1997-1999)
  • Tourism Committee Chair (1998) Member until 1999

2 January 1996           Visited Lord Mayor of the City of Portsmouth (United Kingdom) and Councillor                                               Sid Rapson of Australia Portsmouth Society in Portsmouth. This was to begin                                                   discussions in relation to a school link between a Portsmouth school and one in                                               the City of Rockdale. Finalised in September 1997.

5 January 1996            Visited City of Wakefield Metropolitan District Council (United Kingdom) for 1                                                day Study Tour.

10 January 1996          Visited Lord Provost of Glasgow City (United Kingdom) Councillor Tom Dingell                                               in Glasgow, Scotland.

22 January 1996          Visited town of Tiburon, San Francisco, California (USA) for 1 day Study Tour.                                                Met with the General Manager, Mayor and two Councillors.

18 September 1996     Elected Deputy Mayor of Rockdale Council for a one year term.

19 September 1996     Elected Chairperson of SSROC Access Committee. (SSROC has twelve member                                                Councils across Southern Sydney). Chairperson until 25 May 1999.

1 December 1996         Entertained, with the Mayor of Rockdale, Councillor Peter Bryant, Councillor                                                  Norman Hazell from Wakefield Metropolitan District Council who was visiting                                                the City of Rockdale. I had previously visited Wakefield District Council in early                                              January 1996 for a Study Tour.

20 January 1997          Visited Mayor Councillor George Gair of North Shore City, Takapuna, Auckland,                                              New Zealand.

18 February 1997        Entertained, with the Mayor of Rockdale, Councillor Peter Bryant, Councillor                                                    Tom Dingwell of Glasgow City Council, who was visiting the City of Rockdale. I                                                had previously met with Councillor Dingwell in Glasgow, Scotland in mid-                                                        January 1996.

25 February 1997        Attended a dinner with Jenny Andriadis, Council Officer, in the Great Hall,                                                      Parliament House, Canberra. This was to collect from the Prime Minister, John                                              Howard, a Certificate of High Commendation and a trophy for the Prime                                                          Minister’s Award for Policy Formulation and Advice. (I chaired the Access Task                                              Force and worked closely with Jenny Andriadis on this project. Jenny Andriadis                                              left Rockdale City Council on 3 April 1998).

NOTE: Rockdale City Council was the only Council among the 5 national winners and on of the three local government winners – Rockdale City Council (Access), Brisbane City Council (Enterprise Bargaining) and Hobart City Council (Customer Service) – among the 175 finalists from across Australia.

14 July 1997                   Elected Chairperson of SSROC Heritage Forum. (The Forum moved onto                                                          Sutherland Shire Council mid 1998, and Councillor Emerson of Sutherland                                                      Shire Council became the new Chairperson).

30 September 1997    Met at Brighton-Le-Sands, Sydney with Mr and Mrs Brian Hall. Mr Hall is                                                        involved with the Association of Britain Australia Society (Portsmouth Branch)                                                and Portsmouth, Sydney, Sister City Link. We met to consider a school link                                                      between St Mary’s Star of the Sea, Hurstville, Sydney and St Luke’s School,                                                      Hyde Park Road, Cosham, Portsmouth. (We continue to correspond)

 4 December 1997 to September 1999         Chairperson/Minute Taker, Lydham Hall Management                                                                                          Committee.

23 February 1997        Elected Chairperson, Tourism Committee (until September 1998).

1 May 1998                      Appeared for Council at Land and Environment Court before Justice Marla                                                      Pearlman, Kanak V Rockdale City Council.

16 & 17 May 1998         Guest of Wellington Tourism Committee NSW. Presented an After Dinner                                                        Speech on “Heritage in Rockdale” on Saturday, 16 May 1998.

2 July 1998                     Aboriginal Heritage Study established (Chair of this Committee). Draft Report                                                completed on 22 April 1999, but not tabled to Council by the end of my Council                                                term, 11 September, 1999.

2 July 1998 to February 2000           Chairperson of Southern Sydney Branch of the National Trust.

23 August 1998            Local Government Week Sub-Committee of Heritage Advisory Committee                                                          worked on a Rockdale Heritage Drive Brochure during 1998. It was launched at                                              Lydham Hall by the Mayor, Councillor Brian Simpson.

19 September 1998    Began work on compiling the inventory at Lydham Hall, Bexley.

21 November 1998     Awarded a Certificate of Commendation and Bronze Medallion by National                                                       Trust of Australia (NSW) Division. Presented by Mr Barry O’Keefe AC QC                                                         President of National Trust (NSW Division) and Ms Elsa Atkin, Executive                                                         Director of National Trust (NSW Division) at the Annual General Meeting.

13 May 1999                  Attended the Mayor’s Urban Design Breakfast at Stadium Australia to represent                                             the Mayor of Rockdale – Organised by Faculty of Architecture, University of                                                     Sydney.

11 September 1999    Candidate in the Local Government Elections for North Ward –                                                       representing Kogarah North Ward Progress Association.

11 September 1999Councillor for Kogarah Council – North Ward


Third Council Term

Elected to represent North Ward (1999-2003) 

Member of the following Committees or a Council delegate to the Committees:

  • Member of Heritage LEP Task Group
  • Member of Development Assessment Committee
  • Estuary Management and Environmental Protection Working Party
  • Urban Planning and Design Working Party
  • Kogarah Community Services Board
  • Member of Community Safety Committee
  • Worked on updating Council School Kit with Council staff and local teachers
  • Council delegate to SSROC Access Committee
  • Council delegate to SSROC Heritage Forum

27 June 2000              President of Rotary Club of Bexley – First female Club President

2004-2008Councillor for Kogarah Council


Fourth Council Term

Elected to represent North Ward (1999-2003) as the representative of the Kogarah Bay Progress Association. (Elected unopposed)

Member of the following Committees or a Council delegate to the Committees:

  • Estuary Management & Environmental Protection Working Party
  • Access Working Party
  • Urban Planning & Design Working Party
  • Kogarah Community Services -President of the Management Committee from 2001 onwards.
  • Community Safety Working Party
  • Georges River Combined Council’s Committee
  • Economic Working Party

8 May 2006                    Awarded a Mayoral Minute.

12 May 2006                  Awarded an “Edna” by WEL in recognition of her contribution to Women and                                                 Local Government.

30 June 2006                Entered into the inaugural edition of The Who’s Who of Australian

25 September 2006    Presentation of plaque by Cr Michael Kitmiridis, Mayor of Kogarah to                                                                 acknowledge 15 years service in Local Government.

2007     Membership of following committees: (In late 2007 the Committee’s were changed to the list                       below)

  •  Development & Health Working Party
  • Assets & Services Management Working Party
  • Community Services & Community Relations Working Party
  • Community Development & Access Working Party

13 September 2008    Retired from Kogarah Council

2008-2009   Committee Chair Kogarah Volunteer Heroes Project

Launched April 7 2009 in the Foyer of Kogarah Library

Areas of Council Interest

  • Access issues
  • Child care for residents
  • Ethnic issues
  • Facilities for the elderly
  • Heritage and local history
  • Library facilities
  • Sporting facilities for young people


Recent community involvement 

Sept 2012 – May 2013      Ran the community campaign to save Griffith House, St George                                                                            Hospital Campus, Kogarah

Sept 2013 -2014                 Appointed to Community Promotions Committee St George TAFE

Dec 2013-2016                    Appointed to Rockdale City Council Library Advisory Committee                                                                          (The Rockdale Library opened in late July 2016)

Dec 2014                                Joined the St George Eisteddfod Committee

Aug 2015-June 2017         Joined Toastmasters

July 14th 2016                     Electronic copy of The History of Moorefield Racecourse Kogarah launched

October 13th 2016             Hard copy of The History of Moorefield Racecourse Kogarah launched

April 2017                              The History of Moorefield Racecourse Kogarah was entered into The                                                                   National Trust Heritage awards

May 2017                                Joined Retired Teachers

May 2018                                The History of Moorefield Racecourse Kogarah will be entered into The Bill                                                     Whittaker Award for new horse racing histories

Personal Details

Councillor Anne Field is a teacher of Economics, Commerce, Geography and Legal Studies at St George Girls High School, Kogarah, Sydney and has worked at this school since 1977.

In late 1998 she became the Patron of the Old Girls of St George Girls High School – The St Georgians.

Councillor Field was an Assistant Supervisor of a Saturday School of Community Languages, of which the major language taught was Greek, and worked at this centre from 1986 until February 1998.

Councillor Field has a membership of many community organisations, some of which include: The Australian Ballet, National Trust, Australian Conservation Foundation, Australian Society of Genealogists and local Historical Societies such as Kogarah Historical Society, and the Rockdale District Heritage Association Inc, the Sydney Turf Club and the Australian Jockey Club, the Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women Inc (NSW Division), and the Rotary Club of Bexley after being a member of the Rotary Club of Rockdale from 1989-1999.


Recent profile

Anne Field retired from St George Girls High School on January 26 2012 after 35 years teaching at the school .

Anne has membership of The National Trust , Historic Houses Trust of NSW,  Kogarah Historical Society, St George Historical Society , Malmsbury Historical Society (Victoria) , Australian Society of Genealogists, NSW Justices Association and the Australian Turf Club.

Anne resigned from Rotary on 5 February 2013, after having been a member  for 24 years.   Anne had been a member  of the Rotary Club of Rockdale, (1989-1999)  then the Rotary Club of Bexley, (1999-2002)  and finally the merged Club of the  Rotary Club of Rockdale City.

On Oct 13 2016, Anne launched the History of Moorefield Racecourse Kogarah (1888-1951). Please read the Moorefield category on this website and my facebook site Moorefield Racecourse Kogarah.

On April the 28th 2017, the National Trust Heritage Awards luncheon was held. Anne’s book on “The History of Moorefield Racecourse” was entered into the publications category.


Motion by the Hon. SHAOQUETT MOSELMANE agreed to:
1. That this House notes that:
(a) former Rockdale City councillor and Kogarah councillor Ms Anne Field has recently retired from her teaching position at St George High School after 36 years of service,

(b) from 1991 to 1999, Ms Field was a councillor at Rockdale City Council,

(c) in 1996, Ms Field became the first female Deputy Mayor, and from 1999 to 2008 Ms Field served as a councillor on Kogarah City Council,

(d) Ms Field has been acknowledged by Rockdale City Council and Kogarah Council in Mayoral Minutes for her 17 years of dedication to the St George community and all the girls at St George Girls’ High School,

(e) in 1991, Ms Field became the first female president of the Rotary Club of Rockdale, which made her the first female Rotary President in Sydney,

(f) Ms Field served as a Director of St George Hospital Board from 1985 to 1988 and was awarded the Edna Ryan Award in 2006 for feminist activity in the government sphere,

(g) in 2006, Ms Field was entered into the inaugural Who’s Who of Australian Women,

(h) Ms Field’s proudest achievement has been teaching legal studies, commerce and geography at St George Girls’ High School for 35 years, and with her passion in legal studies Ms Field ran the school mock trial team for 17 years, and

(i) Ms Field has been a patron of the Old Girls of St George Girls’ High and was Assistant Supervisor of the Saturday School of Community Languages, St George Centre between 1986 and 1998.
2. That this House:
(a) notes Ms Field’s community contribution,

(b) congratulates Ms Field for her long and dedicated service to the St George community, and

(c) wishes Ms Field all the best with her future endeavours.



 For Councillor Field “It is Time.” 

I am now in the final months of my Local Government career, as I will not be nominating for the September 27 2008 Council elections.

I have seen many changes in the local political landscape in having served 4 Council terms of differing political makeup.

I have served with some Councillors, who have committed themselves to the long term, and those who stayed briefly. And, I have seen differing levels of commitment  from some people who have become Councillors. I have witnessed first hand the increasing difficulties in electing Independents to Council, and I have also witnessed how the community has changed over time.

Over the years, I have become personal friends with some of the residents I have represented on Council matters. Others, I sometimes see in the supermarket, or at social occasions, and we stop for a chat. I am now taking the opportunity to thank the residents of both Rockdale City Council and Kogarah  Councils for their support over the past 16 years. In addition, I must thank the Kogarah Residents Association, formerly the Kogarah Bay Progress Association, for supporting me as their candidate since 1999.

Whilst I can trace my political ancestry to Malmsbury,Victoria in the late 1880’s, I owe much to my late father.  I grew up in Newcastle , and from a young age I was brought up  to discuss local events, as well as other important national concerns. I have always followed my late father’s advice in Local Government “ treat the residents as you would like to be treated “ I  have done this since day one  in September 1991.

In the recent words of one of my Association members “ you may take the girl out of politics, but you will never take the politics out of the girl. “ I will always maintain an interest in the local political scene.

I would like to be remembered as a Councillor ,who treated the residents with respect; as someone who fought for fairness and justice on the Council floor; as someone who always did her homework on Council issues; and as someone who treated my Councillor colleagues and Council Officers with professionalism.

Councillor Anne Field

January 15 2008



 JANUARY 9  2008

As the first anniversary of my father’s passing, in late January 2008 approaches, I have decided to publicly announce my retirement from Kogarah Council at the 27 September 2008 Local Government elections. I now plan to move onto my next career, after politics, as a writer.

I will finish my Moorefield Racecourse (1888-1951) story. This has been long interrupted by the demands of looking after my 2 elderly parents at different periods of time, my career as a local high school teacher, and my Council duties. In 2006, I wrote a couple of its chapters for the Ron Rathbone Local History Competition. After my Moorefield Racecourse book is published, I will then move on to write other books.

I began my community career as a Director on the St George Hospital Board 1985-1988.Medical politics were a forerunner of what was to come for me, in the years ahead, in Local Government.

I was elected, in 1991, to represent Third Ward on Rockdale Council.  I served on many Committees during my two terms at Rockdale City Council, and chaired a number of them.

I consider that some of my biggest achievements at Rockdale Council were the production of the School Kit; pushing hard to see child care on the Council agenda; fighting to have heritage as a positive issue; and the establishment of SSROC Heritage Forum in mid -1997. I was elected the first female Deputy Mayor of Rockdale City Council in September 1996.

Political circumstances forced me to relocate to Kogarah Council in 1999 where I represented a resident action group , the Kogarah Bay Progress Association. I was re-elected unopposed in 2004, to Kogarah Council, to represent North Ward.  I have served on many Committees during my two terms at Kogarah Council.

At Kogarah Council, I was able to produce my Constitutional Convention in August 2001, to honour  100 years since Federation in Australia  This was a requirement of my Parliamentary Fellowship, which was awarded by the Federal Parliamentary Office, Canberra in October 2000.

Again, I helped to produce a School Kit for our local schools. Child Care and Community Services have been an area of  focus, as have heritage issues. I have served on the Management Committee of Kogarah Community Services since 1999, and have been their Chair since 2001.

I look forward this year, to working on the production of Significant People in Kogarah’s over the past 60-75 years. I see this as my final project for  Kogarah Council.

I have enjoyed “most” of my time on Council. There have however been some difficult times. I am honoured to say that I have become personal friends with some of the residents, in both Councils, that I have represented over the years.

I have remembered my late father’s advice to me; “always treat the residents, as you would like to be treated.” I have  tried diligently to do in my 16 years, to date, on Council. Representing the community for me has been a rewarding and challenging experience.

There however, comes a time “to move on” in politics. My late mother recognized, many years ago, my love of writing. I am delighted to be able to fulfill her wishes, and to begin a new career. I look forward to the challenges of the literary world in the years ahead.

Councillor Anne Field