Themes  Connected to my Bottle Story – 16 November 2013

 1) The push and pull factors of immigration . Why did immigrants come to Australia ?

2) Shipping routes to Australia

3) Ships that brought immigrants to Australia e.g. Shaw Savill & Albion Company Limited

4) Provisions passengers had on board – this was written on the ticket

5) The ticket

 6) Ocean currents

 7) Grannie’s log kept a daily record of latitude /longitude, the weather conditions and the distance travelled.

  8) I have some household and personal items my Grannie brought with her 100 years ago.

 9) Family history

 10) Adventure

11) The people whom I met, or had contact with, in preparation for my journeys, and in the actual execution of these journeys.

12) The coincidences in my journey……

 13) The preparation of the bottles in the same manner as Mark ( in Albany)  had prepared his bottle ,when circumnavigating Cape Horn.

  14) My journey to both Albany, Western Australia  and Eden, NSW did not happen without substantial research ……..


Anne Field

You Tubed July 16 2013