BOTTLE OVERBOARD – the contents of my 2nd Bottle


This wine bottle is put to sea to remember my very special links to Wakefield , West Yorkshire , England .

My great grandfather, William Field, was born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire , England on May 22 1831 . He is believed to have died in 1903; place unknown . These death details were recorded in an old family diary.

William emigrated to Australia on “The Antelope” arriving in Port Melbourne in August 1853. He was married in March 1854, in Melbourne, to a Scottish lady, Mary Tait ( 1828-1859) . William was then married ,on August 1 1859, in Maryborough, to a lady from Dublin, Ireland – Roseanna Byrne (1838-1889).

He then married when he was 61, on July 11 1892 to an English lady, Charlotte Belsey Howcroft, aged 24 . They married at St Michaels Church, Parish of Westgate Common, Wakefield and returned soon after to Melbourne, Australia. They soon separated ,and I have lost William’s trail . (It was believed by members of the Field family that William went to America. Family folklore has indicated that Charlotte had used William for the journey out to Australia)

Many children were born to the first two marriages. William Field leaves behind a substantial legacy in Australia and New Zealand. Charlotte divorced William on the grounds of desertion in the early 1900’s, and then remarried . She died in the 1940’s in Melbourne.

William was an unassisted immigrant ; initially he became a gold miner, and later he returned to his trade as a tailor. By 1864, William had established himself as a tailor and for a time worked in Maryborough with Mr G . Dennithorne. This partnership was dissolved in 1866. He remained in Maryborough until early 1882, when Roseanna and he separated.

Harold Ward was born on May 28 1940 in Castleford ( near Wakefield ) to Muriel and Fred Ward.

Harold emigrated to Australia as a 10 pound Pom with his family. I met Harold on May 28 1976 at a Surf Club dance in Shellharbour ,Wollongong . His marriage had broken down by this time ; we remained together until his untimely death of lung cancer on September 30 2011. We were free spirits together for almost 36 wonderful years.

Harold was a life long Leeds United supporter. He played football for Fryston Colliery Welfare in Yorkshire, England and by all accounts was a very good goal keeper. He had an extensive commitment to football in Wollongong, and during the late 1970’s onwards in Bexley, Sydney. I established a memorial award in his name, for the Rookie of the Year Award for the Under 21 team, for a South Coast Soccer team, Dapto Dandaloo Fury. It will be awarded for the first time on October 6 2012.

Harold returned only once to Wakefield, Yorkshire and the surrounding areas in December 1983, where he saw his mother and some family members for the last time.

This bottle is going out to sea on the first anniversary of his death on September 30 2011. Harold was a larrikin, and would appreciate that I was commemorating his passing in such a way.

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog ,William was named after my infamous great grandfather ,William Field.

William was a Blenheim – a beautiful boy, who had a great personality. He loved his food , he loved ruffling up his bed, and he loved the attention from female Cavaliers. William was always a ladie’s man.

William was born on November 2 2001 – he passed away suddenly from tumours on the windpipe on August 6 2012. He had a wonderful life. There simply will never be another William .


May the finder of this bottle find its contents interesting . I hope that the finder will contact me . My email address is ________and my mobile phone is _______.

I pray that the ocean currents will take this bottle far and wide.

Bottle committed to the ocean off Eden,Southern NSW,Australia on Sunday September 30 2012

Anne Field, Kogarah , Sydney , Australia.


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