My President’s acceptance speech

I am deeply honoured  tonight   in becoming the President of the Rotary Club of Bexley. Ten years ago I was the President of The Rockdale Rotary Club, and again history repeats itself .

Women joined Rotary for the first time in 1989. I  also joined Rotary this year, nominated by the late John Robinson. I mention this and  3 people who are here tonight in Harold White , ex- Olympian  Bruce Sharp and Keith Darnell ,as each in their own way have been mentors to me, of the Rotary ideal.

The Theme we have this year is a great one, Create Awareness-Take Action. It is one so aptly  named for the new century and one which emphasises the need for us to put a new face to  Rotary. Bexley Club  intend to pursue this aim in our local community.

In 2005,it will be 100 years since Paul Harris founded this prestigious  Service Club. Paul Harris would never have been able to envisage the diversity  of projects that Rotary is today involved in within our local communities and worldwide. We, as Rotarians , make the world a better place.

You have tonight heard about the various programmes that Bexley Rotary have been involved in. We will continue with our  projects for our   local  school students- RYPEN, and The National Science Summer School; university students in  the Slattery –Geddes Award and RYLA.

Multiple Sclerosis in young people has a higher than average occurrence in the St George Region. Hostel accommodation is urgently needed, rather than the Nursing Home environment to which many MS patients  are reliant. The MS Society has launched a $ 5 million campaign ,of which  half has been raised ,to build this accommodation in the St George Region.

It is for this reason that fundraising in the Bexley Club will be devoted to this very worthy  cause. I hope that you all agree with me that this issue needs community awareness.

The Rotary Club of Bexley will work as a team  to further the cause of Rotary in this Rotary year. Our fellows  will need the support and assistance of their partners .As always this is given without question.

In conclusion I could single out many people to thank – I thank each of my guests from the many community groups who attended tonight; as well my colleagues from St George Girls and a special thankyou to the students who sang so well. I must thank my father for attending –on July 11 he will reach the grand age of 86 . And finally to Club members –I thank you for the opportunity to serve .

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