My Farewell Speech, Rockdale Council , October 22 1999

Conference Room Rockdale Council , Rockdale

Mr Mayor, Stephen Blackdadder General Manager,  current and former Rockdale City Council staff

It is with pleasure that I am in attendance tonight at this Farewell Dinner . I might add that” my social planning” is accurate tonight.( this was a reference to my non -attendance at the 1999 Mayoral Ball at Le Sands ,  as  I had unfortunately mixed up the date;  I was at a planning meeting in Sans Souci for election to Kogarah Council )

I came to Rockdale City Council in September 1991, after having served on the St George Hospital Board 1985-1988.I was one of the first 2 female Directors appointed in late 1985.

In my last speech at Rockdale City Council on August 25 1999, I was somewhat emotional, but 8 years  is a long time to be associated with an organisation .

I recall some of the personalities at my first Council Meeting. At that first meeting Charlie Bellchambers  created a scene by calling Peter Bryant , the newly elected Mayor “a dictator”. I was referred to as” that lovely lady, Alderman Field ‘.

We can never forget George Pinniger and his mismatching ties and shirts; Bill Morrison who spoke with the greatest degree of eloquence ; Noel Seiffert’s caring concern  for his constituents ( his memory is commemorated in the annual Noel Seiffert Award at Ramsgate Senior Citizens) ; and George Moore for his wit ( I sat next to George)

Denis Callaghan was a likeable rogue at the “best and worst of times” I recall when I rose to speak  for the first time . Denis called out ‘that must be your maiden over”  I spoke to Denis on the phone 3 weeks later and he said to me “ Anne I can see you blushing “

September 1995 saw another Council elected. A number of new faces arrived ,and it was refreshing to have 3 women on Council ( now there are 4 )

No one could have looked into the crystal ball and predicted what lay ahead in both political loyalties and subsequent Mayoral elections.

By early 1999 , current Councillors and prospective Councillors were beginning to plan ahead  for that vital September date with the ballot box. I had studied the Rockdale Form Guide .Fate had intervened for me in a number of ways related to heritage properties in Kogarah. One was the home of the founder of the St George Cottage and the Honorary Doctor to Moorefield Racecourse. And it was not a commonly known fact that I had served on Kogarah Council Committees at varying times during the 1980’s.

I enjoyed all the Committees I served on at Rockdale City Council and that list was indeed long. I respected the professional of the staff at Rockdale City Council I worked with, and would like to thank them. I would like to thank Pat Hill and Alex Sarno, but there were many others. Karen Hoschkins,a former public relations officer, initiated  the School Kit .

I would like to thank my colleagues from the 1995-199 term. I have  made many keen observations of Council’s colourful personalities.  To those re-elected , congratulations; to those who did not cross the line ,enjoy your Wednesday nights off. My night has now changed to Monday night.

This Council has achieved much in the past 8 years ,and it could not have been achieved without teamwork. I am honoured to have played a role in these events.

I cannot close without giving my heartfelt thanks, love and support to my father. Our family involvement in politics dates back to the late 1880’s.

Thankyou for the lovely gift of a fob watch, and I will wear it with great enjoyment and pride.

Councillor Anne Field

North Ward

Kogarah Council .



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