Published in the St George Leader – October 25 2017



Residents in the Stage 1 area of the proposed F6 Extension from Arncliffe to President Avenue, Kogarah, were both surprised by the Berejiklian Government’s announcement this week and concerned by the complete absence of consultation with residents in respect of the planned 4km tunnel.

Following a  well-attended public meeting on July 2 2017, residents living in the historic Moorefield Estate Kogarah, decided to form a Residents’ Committee to give voice to their shared concerns about homes being compulsorily acquired, siting of exhaust stacks and loss of public open space. The three-member Moorefield Estate F6 Committee is determined to keep residents informed and represent concerns about the multi-billion dollar project.

“Residents surrounding President Avenue, Kogarah, are alarmed at the prospect of large volumes of traffic entering and leaving tunnels only a stone’s throw from their home,” said Anne Field, a member of the Moorefield Estate F6 Committee.

“The RMS’s own numbers indicate 2000 vehicle a day will be entering from, or dispersing to, Rocky Point Road, General Holmes Drive, and nearby suburban streets, adding to further chaos on our roads.

“Residents purchasing a home on or near President Avenue would have been aware of the road reservation, but understandably they did not expect the motorway to be built in stages, with thousands of extra vehicles dumped at their front gate.

“Despite the grand announcement this week, no location has been provided by the Government for the interchange at President Avenue. Residents, having been left to speculate, are becoming anxious,” said Ms Field.

“It is believed that we will lose some or all of the sporting fields at the corner of West Botany Street and President Avenue,” said Bob Greenhill, another member of the Moorefield Estate F6 Committee.

“Anyone living in St George, or visiting our area to play weekend sport, knows that we need more playing fields, not less.

“And, if rezoning of the land adjacent to the road reservation allows higher density, it defeats the purpose of constructing a tunnel to save already-crowded open space and alleviate traffic congestion,” said Mr Greenhill.

“It was from information leaked in mid- June 2017 that we became aware of the possible siting of exhaust stacks in Bermill Street Rockdale, and Civic Avenue Kogarah,” said John Paxos, the third member of the Moorefield Estate F6 Committee.

“Residents are rightly concerned about the health implications if there is no commitment from the Government to filter the exhaust pollution from the tunnel. We are keenly aware of the long campaign waged by residents near Bardwell Valley after construction of the M5 East tunnel. Vehicle exhaust emissions are dangerous to people with pre-existing health conditions.

“In addition to imposing health concerns on residents, our low-rise area will be blighted with the visual impact of these stacks?” said Mr Paxos.

“Residents know they will pay for this toll road with their taxes, then the $10 proposed charge, and finally with their health. The price is simply too high just to save a mere five minutes on a journey from Kogarah to the City,” said Ms Field.

“At the very least, the Berejiklian Government should give genuine community consultation to the residents in the affected area,” concluded Ms Field.



The Moorefield Estate F6 Committee   Chairperson can be contacted by email

Anne Field Chair

Bob Greenhill

John Paxos

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