My Writing Projects for 2017

Project 1 The Adventures of Miss Hoity Toity and Lizzie 

The  Adventures of Miss Hoity Toity and Lizzie 

Our adventures will be centred around Kogarah . I am planning on  writing five chapters.

Lizzie , my very personable tri coloured Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  will be the star.

My  chapters could detail a Day in the Life of Lizzie, Lizzie goes to the Wetlands , Lizzie Goes to School, Lizzie Goes for a walk around Kogarah ……..


Project 2 Message in a Bottle

April 19 2012 – Southern Ocean, WA


Sep 30 2012, Eden NSW

Sep 30 2012, Eden NSW

Message in a Bottle

Chapter One:        Gibson Family Background

Chapter Two :      The Journey from Glasgow to Southampton

Chapter Three:     The Journey from Southampton to Sydney  March 12, 1912  to April  23,1912.

Chapter Four:       Arrival in Sydney, Marriage and her Life

Chapter Five:        How I Acknowledged Grannies Journey of 100 Years Ago ( You Tube Anne’s                                                    Adventure)

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