A poem for my 5Oth birthday

First in the Field

Written for my 50th birthday  by Bruce Sharp member of Rotary Club of Rockdale , Sydney ; artist , photographer and gymnast in 1956 Olympics Melbourne.

January 2004

We’re gathered today in this opulent place

As friends of a fair maiden blessed with brains, talent and grace

It’s such a short while since the world saw her entry

Who can believe that it’s been half a century

But the time has flown by and we sit here impressed

At what she has achieved, one could never have guessed

She hails from Newcastle, a wonderful town

And known as the birthplace of people of renown

She came to the big smoke and there made her mark

Among pupils and teachers and pollies that bark

She resides in St George where there once was a racetrack

She’s writing a history to bring it all back

Throughout every school day with each wonderful girl

She teaches them skills to get on in the world

She joined Rockdale Rotary as its first female resident

It’s not very long before she’s the President

And she’s in Local Government, the debates and the fights

She’ll stand up for her principles and defend women’s rights

For she can handle the heavies, their innuendos and dirt

They know what they are up against when they mix with this skirt

Capricorn is her star sign, the sign of the goat

The sign of ambition and winning the vote

The sign of tradition of serving her town

Of wooing the media and winning renown

As it says in the Leader “It’s Field’s passionate push

For more female pollies … we’ll get swamped in the rush

Whatever she’s into, she’s sure out to win

But with so many great projects she spreads herself thin

Though she’s quiet spoken and serious, it’s more than a rumour

That under the façade there’s a great sense of humour

She likes a good yarn, stories and jokes

If she wasn’t so busy she’d have lots more blokes

And then there’d be trouble for jockey, pollie or cop

Though she’d start at the bottom, she’d end up on top

She’s better off with King Charles, the girl and the boy

They’ll always be faithful and bring her much joy

She calls them her babies, it’s love to distraction

If she doesn’t get rabies she’ll be drowned in affection

Into history and art, she likes opera and ballet

Or off to the vineyards in the lush Hunter valley

To her Mum and her Dad she’s shown lifetime devotion

In their sunset they’ve received her love like an ocean

True to her friends she’s got ‘em all organised

She’s generous and kind, much more than they have realised

In today’s summer outfit she’s looking quite nifty

Who could ever believe that she’s today turning fifty

So it gives us a reason to celebrate with one voice

A toast to Queen Anne, all her subjects rejoice.

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