Community Farewell to Griffith House – February 24 2013


Sunday, 24th February  2013 , Gray Street Kogarah

Welcome to all who have gathered to pay tribute to Peter Herrmann,  Founding Father of Kogarah , his vision , his many  legacies, and today his gracious family home :”Werroona now known as Griffith House.

Everyone’s contribution to the campaign to retain “Griffith House “

                               Anne Field


The Question or the Answer “

Poem by June Bullivant OAM

Read by Councillor Liz Barlow ,Rockdale City Council


A Brief History of Peter Herrmann

Complied by John Johnson

Community History Librarian, Kogarah Library

Read by Councillor Kathryn Landsberry,and Councillor Lachlan Mc Lean, Kogarah City Council

An Original Poem requested by Anne Field

“  Bricks and Mortar “

Poem  by Andrew Greifeneder

Read by Andrew Greifeneder

Save Griffith House From Its Guardians

The Question Or the Answer ?

The Politician’s Creed , why do we bother?

For the Greater Good and our Future!

However our Past is what makes us Today.

But ,Today is tomorrow’s Past.

We are the Guardians of the Future.

So let us not destroy our Future.

By Destroying our Past .

June  Bullivant OAM



These bricks and mortar have stood so many years ,

They’ve watched over hardships and conquests and fears.

And a world that has changed is reflected in its walls,

Where our history is told and never can fall.

Generations have come and passed into dust,

They’ve seen what we see , a building so proud, an end so unjust.

Some of us gather out here in its wake,

As memories now are all we can take.

Andrew Greifeneder.


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